Portfolio & behind the scenes scrapbook featuring cross-cultural observations from an independent filmmaker and production journalist.
Available for work as a producer, videographer, editor & photographer. For more enquiries
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Mari is a bilingual English-Japanese production journalist and self-shooting DSLR filmmaker with an international outlook. She has completed assignments in the UK, Holland, Kenya and Ukraine, and speaks some German, French and Mandarin on top of her mother tongues.

With a combined experience of working in the field and in a television newsroom with the Associated Press, Mari has a variety of transferable skills including 2D & 3D filming, video editing, news writing, story producing, editorial planning and location managing in multilingual environments under tight deadlines.

Having just returned from Kenya where she was working on a UN/BFI-funded documentary about young mothers and rape victims, Mari is interested to work on films and stories that relate to the community, development and the role of technology in social change, whilst continuing to work as a video journalist/producer.

Very happy to see that the Craftivist Collective are still using an image a shot for them back in 2012 as their twitter account header! Follow them @Craftivists and take part in an alternative form of activism that is less intrusive :)

Short documentary on Kenyan teenage mother and victim of rape who re-entered school after giving birth. Winner of #tweetapitch competition hosted by the British Film Institute and United Nations Association, earning a travel grant to complete film to be premiered at their We The People’s Film Festival in autumn 2014. Currently in rough cut form (first assembly).

A Kenyan biker ties over 50 recyclable oil containers on his vehicle to deliver water to village families

One of several videos I shot and produced for motivated school girls in Eastern Nairobi. As a mentor, I encouraged them to say what’s most natural to them when presenting their stories.

What's a Kenyan product?

  • Special Needs Centre Manager:: You know, all the cars are second hand here and most of them are Japanese imports. Our roads are being built by the Chinese. There is also a big market for vintage clothes, any used clothing that arrives in the country is treated as first hand and sold at a price because these things often look quite new.

  • Story Producer:: So is there anything that first hand and made in Kenya?

  • Special Needs Centre Manager:: Yes, we make food first hand. Rice, wine, maize, fruits...yes, agriculture is made first hand here.

Did you meet that really biiiiiig teacher that dropped by the other week? You know he just started his study leave and I’m the one that took over his job. Actually, he got killed a few days ago - he was shot whilst traveling on a matatu (bus) in Eastlands, the thieves wanted to steal his laptop. His burial is this weekend…

- district school staff who welcomed me with their camera

As an apparently ‘white’ female who is supposedly rich, those deaths could be me next especially with these canon cameras round my neck…

Soundtrack to a relaxing Easter Weekend fueled with tropical weather near the equator

You can have some of this Ethiopian wine that someone gave me as a gift. I’ve had it for a few years now, so it should be ripe and not off hopefully. I’m not a wine drinker, to me all wine tastes of dishwasher liquid.

- Kenyan video journalist giving me house sitting instructions

A Kenyan breakfast is basically English, except you eat it with your hands

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